Kerikeri Stone Store Basin

St James Anglican Church

St James’, the wooden church on the hill above the Stone Store, is the third built in the area, and second on this picturesque site overlooking the basin. The missionaries’ first little combined chapel and school was built near the water and dedicated on April 19, 1824.

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Rewa’s Village

Rewa’s Village was constructed opposite the Stone Store in 1969 as a community effort to faithfully recreate a kainga (fishing village) which existed when Europeans arrived in New Zealand.It was named after Ngapuhi chief Rewa (also known as Maanu), who was one of three chiefly brothers originally belonging to the Ngai Tawake hapu; the other two brothers being; Te Wharerahi and Moka ‘Kainga-mataa’ who used to live here in the 1820s-1830s.

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Kerikeri Mission Station

Visit the Kerikeri Mission Station where Pakeha missionaries established a settlement under the watchful eye of Ngāpuhi warrior chief, Hongi Hika.
Keen to harness European technology and encourage trade with ships calling into the Bay of Islands, Hongi offered protection to the mission located in the shadow of his pa [hill fort] at Kororipo. In return, the missionaries were allowed to stay, acquire land and attempt to convert Māori to Christianity.

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